The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 487
In Focus-The Jelly Jam-Profit-2016
Rod Morgenstein Interview!!

Spock's Beard-Bennett Built A Time Machine-The Oblivion Particle-2015
Camel-Sasquatch-The Single Factor-1982 (with Simon Phillips)
Alice Cooper-Blue Turk-School's Out-1972
Adam Nitti-Not Of This World-Not Of This World-2015
Dixie Dregs-Ice Cakes-What If-1978 (with Rod Morgenstein)
Dixie Dregs-Odyssey-What If-1978
The Jelly Jam-Care-Profit-2016 (with Rod Morgenstein)

Fright Pig-Re:Creation-Out Of The Barnyard-2013
Steven Wilson-Happiness III-4 1/2-2016 (with Marco Minnemann)
The Mute Gods-Night School For Idiots-Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me-2016
Dixie Dregs-I'm Freaking Out-Dregs Of The Earth-1980
Steve Morse Band-Cruise Missile-The Introduction-1984 (with Rod Morgenstein)
The Jelly Jam-Stain On The Sun-Profit-2016 (with Ty Tabor)

Virgil Donati-Eleven-In This Life-2013
The Neal Morse Band-The Call-The Grand Experiment-2015 (with Mike Portnoy)
Sky Talk-Days In The Sun-Days In The Sun-2015
Rudess Morgenstein Project-Odd Man Out-RMP-1997
Jordan Rudess-What Four-Rhythm Of Time-2004 (with Rod Morgenstein)
Jordan Rudess-Bar Hopping With Mr. Picky-Rhythm Of Time-2004
The Jelly Jam-Water-Profit-2016 (with John Myung)

Neil Campbell-Private Collections-Emergence-2015
Asia-Sleeping Giant-Phoenix-2008 (with John Wetton)
The 4 Korners-What A Ride-The 4 Korners-2014
Steve Lukather-Transition-Transition-2012
The Jelly Jam-Reliving-The Jelly Jam-2002
Jazz Is Dead-Weather Report Suite Part 1-Laughing Water-1999 (with Rod Morgenstein)
The Jelly Jam-Stop-Profit-2016

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