The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 454
In Focus-The Aristocrats-Culture Clash Live-2014
Featuring an interview with Bryan Beller!

Landmarq-Science Of Coincidence (1998)-Origins-2014
Kaipa-A Map Of Your Secret World-Sattyg-2014
Neal Morse-Overture No. 4-Testimony Two-2011
Dave Kilminster-The Fallen-And The Truth Will Set You Free-2014
The Aristocrats-Ohhhh-Noooo-Culture Clash Live-2014

Ambrosia-Time Waits For No One-Ambrosia-1975
Junk Farm-An Eye For An Eye-Ugly Little Thing-2007
Beardfish-Hold On-4626 Comfortzone-2015
Flying Colors-Blue Ocean-Flying Colors-2012 (with Steve Morse)
The Dregs-Atilla The Hun-Unsung Heroes-1981
Producers-Your Life-Made In Basing Street-2012 (with Trevor Horn)
Stanley Snail-Siberian Khatru-Tales From Yesterday-1995 (with Bryan Beller)
The Aristocrats-Culture Clash-Culture Clash Live-2014

Chris Squire-Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side-Fish Out Of Water-1975 (with Bill Bruford)
Faz Jaz.JP- Jazz Crimes-Season IV-2012
Steve Hackett-Los Endos-Watcher Of The Skies-1996
Chicago-Now That You've Gone-V-1972
John Wesley-Window-Disconnect-2014
The Aristocrats-Bad Asteroid-The Aristocrats-2011
The Aristocrats-Desert Tornado- Culture Clash Live-2014

Eric Johnson-Intro/Zenland-Europe Live-2014
Steven Wilson-Regret #9-Hand.Cannot.Erase.-2014 (with Minnemann, Govan & Holzman)
Steve Rothery-Old Man Of The Sea-The Ghosts Of Pripyat-2014 (with Wilson & Hackett)
Consider The Source-Put Another Rock In That Bag Part 2-World War Trio Part 1-2014
Bryan Beller-Supermarket People-View-2003 (with Mike Keneally)
The Aristocrats-See You Next Tuesday-The Aristocrats-2011
The Aristocrats-Gaping Head Wound-Culture Clash Live-2014

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