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The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 496
In Focus-Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell-1980

Alice Cooper-Welcome To My Nightmare-Welcome To My Nightmare-1975
3-Halloween-Summercamp Nightmare-2003
Blue Oyster Cult-Fire Of Unknown Origin-Fire Of Unknown Origin-1981
Black Bonzo-Thorns Upon A Crown-Sound Of The Apocalypse-2007
Rush-The Necromancer-Caress Of Steel-1975
Alice Cooper-Go To Hell-Goes To Hell-1976 (Tony Levin)
Black Sabbath-Neon Knights-Heaven And Hell-1980
Black Sabbath-Children Of The Sea-Heaven And Hell-1980

Judas Priest-The Ripper-Sad Wings Of Destiny-1976
Kansas-The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen-The Prelude Implicit-2016
3-Shadow Play-The End Is Begun-2007
Jethro Tull-Old Ghosts-Stormwatch-1979
Jethro Tull-Dun Ringill-Stormwatch-1979
Canvas-Ghost Town-Digital Pigeon-2007 (Greg Lounsberry)
The Jelly Jam-Ghost Town-Profit-2016 (Rod Morgenstein)
Chroma Key-Graveyard Mountain Home-Graveyard Mountain Home-2004
Black Sabbath-Lady Evil-Heaven And Hell-1980
Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell-Heaven And Hell-1980

Steve Hackett-Love Song To A Vampire-The Total Experience Live In Liverpool-2016
Strange Hobby-Boris The Spider (1996)-Strange Hobby-2016 (Arjen Lucassen)
Messenger-Celestial Spheres-Threnodies-2016
October Tree-Howl-The Fairies Wing-2012 (Tammy Lounsberry)
Judas Priest-Dreamer Deciever-Sad Wings Of Destiny-1976
Kevin Gilbert-Shadow Self-Thud-1994
Alice Cooper-Generation Landslide-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Black Sabbath-Wishing Well-Heaven And Hell-1980
Black Sabbath-Die Young-Heaven And Hell-1980

Porcupine Tree-Deadwing-Deadwing-2005 (Gavin Harrison)
Junk Farm-Eye For An Eye-Ugly Little Thing-2007
Iron Maiden-Flight Of Icarus-Piece Of Mind-1983
Alice Cooper-Halo Of Flies-Killer-1971
3-Circus Without Clowns-Wake Pig-2004
I Mother Earth-So Gently We Go-Dig-1993
Queen-In The Lap Of The Gods-Sheer Heart Attack-1974
Judas Priest-Epitaph-Sad Wings Of Destiny-1976
Black Sabbath-Walk Away-Heaven And Hell-1980

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