Greg Lounsberry of Lounsberry Pedals interviews some of our musical heroes for The Canvas Prog Hour and we bring them to you here....

Rod Morgenstein of The Jelly Jam & the Dixie Dregs
In Focus-The Jelly Jam-Profit-2016
Rod Morgenstein Interview!!

Spock's Beard-Bennett Built A Time Machine-The Oblivion Particle-2015
Camel-Sasquatch-The Single Factor-1982 (with Simon Phillips)
Alice Cooper-Blue Turk-School's Out-1972
Adam Nitti-Not Of This World-Not Of This World-2015
Dixie Dregs-Ice Cakes-What If-1978 (with Rod Morgenstein)
Dixie Dregs-Odyssey-What If-1978
The Jelly Jam-Care-Profit-2016 (with Rod Morgenstein)

Fright Pig-Re:Creation-Out Of The Barnyard-2013
Steven Wilson-Happiness III-4 1/2-2016 (with Marco Minnemann)
The Mute Gods-Night School For Idiots-Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me-2016
Dixie Dregs-I'm Freaking Out-Dregs Of The Earth-1980
Steve Morse Band-Cruise Missile-The Introduction-1984 (with Rod Morgenstein)
The Jelly Jam-Stain On The Sun-Profit-2016 (with Ty Tabor)

Virgil Donati-Eleven-In This Life-2013
The Neal Morse Band-The Call-The Grand Experiment-2015 (with Mike Portnoy)
Sky Talk-Days In The Sun-Days In The Sun-2015
Rudess Morgenstein Project-Odd Man Out-RMP-1997
Jordan Rudess-What Four-Rhythm Of Time-2004 (with Rod Morgenstein)
Jordan Rudess-Bar Hopping With Mr. Picky-Rhythm Of Time-2004
The Jelly Jam-Water-Profit-2016 (with John Myung)

Neil Campbell-Private Collections-Emergence-2015
Asia-Sleeping Giant-Phoenix-2008 (with John Wetton)
The 4 Korners-What A Ride-The 4 Korners-2014
Steve Lukather-Transition-Transition-2012
The Jelly Jam-Reliving-The Jelly Jam-2002
Jazz Is Dead-Weather Report Suite Part 1-Laughing Water-1999 (with Rod Morgenstein)
The Jelly Jam-Stop-Profit-2016
Percy Jones of Brand X & Bangtower
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 486
In Focus-Brand X- Missing Period (1975)-2014
Percy Jones Interview!!

Long Distance Calling-Get Away-Trips-2016
Santana-Peace On Earth...-Spirits Dancing In The Flesh-1990
Adam Nitti-Anti Social Media-Not Of This World-2015
Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye-Confess-Live In Japan-2016
Brian Eno-Over Fire Island-Another Green World-1975 (with Percy Jones)
Steve Hackett-A Tower Struck Down-Voyage Of The Acolyte-1975 (with Percy Jones)
Brand X-Dead Pretty-Missing Period-2014 (with Phil Collins)
Brand X-Kugel Blitz-Missing Period-2014 (with John Goodsall)

Theo-Creatures Of Our Comfort-The Game Of Ouroboros-2015
Armonite-Connect Four-The Sun Is New Each Day-2016
Security Project-Lay Your Hands On Me-Live 1-2016 (with Jerry Marotta)
Brand X-Deadly Nightshade-Masques-1978 (with Chuck Burgi & Morris Pert)
Tunnels-Painted Rock-Painted Rock (with Percy Jones)
Brand X-Ancient Mysteries-Missing Period-2014 (with Robin Lumley)
Brand X-Why Won't You Lend Me Yours?-Missing Period-2014

Neal Morse-Author Of Confusion-One-2006 (with Mike Portnoy)
Monarch Trail-East Of Fifty-Skye-2014
The Aristocrats-Desert Tornado-Culture Clash Live!-2014 (with Bryan Beller)
The 4 Korners-Road To Eternity-The 4 Korners-2014
Brand X-Xanax Taxi-XCommunication-1992 (with Frank Katz)
Bangtower-6/8 Primate-Bangtower II-2016 (with Percy Jones)
Brand X-Miserable Virgin-Missing Period-2014

Steven Wilson-3 Years Older-Hand. Cannot. Erase.-2015 (with Guthrie Govan)
Sea Of Monsters-Jaded-Sea Of Monsters-1998 (with Jon Pomplin)
Armageddon-Silver Tightrope-Armageddon-1975 (with Bobby Caldwell)
Martin Turner-Time Was-Life Begins-2011 (live)
Bangtower-Hair Of The Dog-Casting Shadows-2010
MJ12-Call 911-MJ12-2016 (with Percy Jones)
Brand X-Tito's Leg-Missing Period-2014
Aaron Clift of The Aaron Clift Experiment
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 469
In Focus-The Aaron Clift Experiment-Outer Light, Inner Darkness-2015
Featuring an interview with Aaron Clift!

Steve Hackett-Watcher Of The Skies-Live At Hammersmith-2013 (with Nad Sylvan)
Unifaun-Birth Of A Biggie-Unifaun-2008 (with Nad Sylvan)
Anderson Ponty Band-Soul Eternal-Better Late Than Never-2015 (with Rayford Griffin)
Jean Luc Ponty-Enigmatic Ocean-Enigmatic Ocean-1977 (with Allan Holdsworth)
The Aaron Clift Experiment-Kissed By The Sun-Outer Light, Inner Darkness-2015

Riverside-Under The Pillow-Love, Fear And The Time Machine-2015
Nektar-Good Day-Sounds Like This-1973
Mana Iwanaga-Ascension-Ascension-2015
Gino Vannelli-Brother To Brother-Stardust In The Sand-2010
It Bites-Rose Marie-Once Around The World-1988
CMD & The Nomads-The Jam/A New Day-Live-2014 (with Dave Weckl)
The Aaron Clift Experiment-Locked-Outer Light, Inner Darkness-2015

Klaatu-Silly Boys-Sir Army Suit-1978
Unitopia-Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft-Covered Mirror Vol 1-2012
4 Front-Space Oddity 2001-Radio Waves Goodbye-2001
Robert Berry-Minstrel In The Gallery-To Cry You A Song-1996
Spock's Beard-Minion-The Oblivion Particle-2015
Yuya Komoguchi-Glasses-Picture-2014
Camel-Sasquatch-The Single Factor-1982 (with Simon Phillips)
The Aaron Clift Experiment-Fragments Of Sleep-Outer Light, Inner Darkness-2015

The Tangent-Clearing The Attic-A Spark In The Aether-2015
Neal Morse-Author Of Confusion-Morsefest 2014-2015 (live)
Kaipa-Without Time-Beyond Time-Sattyg-2014
Spark 7-Cricket Chorus-Spark 7-2014
Kevin Gilbert-Best Laid Plans-The Shaming Of The True-2000 (with Nick D'Virgilio)
Producers-Freeway-Made In Basing Street-2012 (with Trevor Horn)
The Aaron Clift Experiment-Aoide, Goddess Of Song-Outer Light, Inner Darkness-2015
Dave Meros of Spock's Beard
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 468
In Focus-Spock's Beard-The Oblivion Particle-2015
Featuring an interview with Dave Meros!

Allan Holdsworth-Metal Fatigue-Metal Fatigue-1985 (with Chad Wackerman)
Riverside-Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By A Hat?)-Love, Fear And The Time Machine-2015
Alphonse Mouzon-The Unknown Journey-In Search Of A Dream-1973
The Lizards-Evil Eyes-Reptilicus Maximus-2015 (with Frank Marino)
Joe Satriani-Shockwave Supernova-Shockwave Supernova-2015 (with Bryan Beller)
Spock's Beard-The Doorway-Beware Of Darkness-1995
Spock's Beard-Tides Of Time-The Oblivion Particle-2015

Virgil Donati-Eleven-In This Life-2013
Max Webster-Beyond The Moon-Mutiny Up My Sleeve-1978
Beardfish-Can You See Me Now?- 4626 Comfortzone-2015
Simon Phillips-Outlaw-Protocol III-2015 (with Andy Timmons)
Andy Timmons-You Can Count On Me-Pawn Kings-1995
Spock's Beard-Crack The Big Sky-Day For Night-1999
Spock's Beard-Minion-The Oblivion Particle-2015

Anderson Ponty Band-Intro/ One In The Rhythms Of Hope-Better Late Than Never-2015
Steve Hillage-Hurdy Gurdy Man- Madison Square Garden 1977-2015 (live)
Greg Lake-Fanfare For The Common Man-London 81'-2015 (with Gary Moore)
The Dreaming Tree-Yesterday's Tomorrow-Silverfade-2015
The Moody Blues-You And Me-Seventh Sojourn-1972
Koichi Yabori-Final Report-Guess Where I Am-2004 (with Kiyomi Otaka)
Spock's Beard-NWC-Octane-2005
Spock's Beard-Hell's Not Enough-The Oblivion Particle-2015

James Gang-Things I Could Be-Thirds-1971 (with Joe Walsh)
Joe Walsh-County Fair-So What-1974
Syzygy-Voyager (1993)-Cosmos & Chaos-2014
The Neal Morse Band-The Call-The Grand Experiment-2015
Kevin Gilbert-Goodness Gracious Demo 1992-Thud-2015 (remaster)
Elton John-Love Song-Tumbleweed Connection-1970
Spock's Beard-Submerged-Brief Nocturnes & Dreamless Sleep-2013
Spock's Beard-Bennett Built A Time Machine-The Oblivion Particle-2015
Andy Tillison of The Tangent
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 458
In Focus-The Tangent-A Spark In The Aether-2015
Plus an interview with Andy Tillison!!!

Spock's Beard-Submerged-Brief Nocturnes & Dreamless Sleep-2013
Presto Ballet-Sunshine-Peace Among The Ruins-2005
Steven Wilson-3 Years Older-Hand. Cannot. Erase.-2015
Transatlantic-Black As The Sky-Kaleidoscope-2014
The Tangent-The Canterbury Sequence-The Music That Died Alone-2003 (with Roine Stolt)
The Tangent-A Spark In The Aether-A Spark In The Aether-2015 (with Jonas Reingold)

Camel-Air Born-Moonmadness-1976
UK-The Only Thing She Needs-Danger Money-1979 (with Terry Bozzio)
Lunden Reign-American Stranger-American Stranger-2015
Izz-The Three Seers-Everlasting Instant-2015
The Flower Kings-Psycedelic Postcard-Flower Power-1999
The Tangent-Codpieces & Capes-A Spark In The Aether-2015 (with Morgen Agren)

Kaipa-Without Time-Beyond Time-Sattyg-2014 (with Morgen Agren)
Focus-Sylvia-Golden Oldies-2014
Steve Hackett-Love Song To A Vampire-Wolflight-2015
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- Red Barchetta-Plays Prog Rock Classics-2015 (with Adrian Smith)
The Tangent-Clearing The Attic-A Spark In The Aether-2015 (with Luke Machin)

Joni Mitchell-Overture-Cotton Avenue-Don Juan's Reckless Daughter-1977 (with Jaco Pastorius)
The Neal Morse Band-Waterfall-The Grand Experiment-2015
The Gentle Storm-Eyes Of Michiel (Storm)-The Diary-2015
Nathan Mahl-Clever Use Of Shadows-The Clever Use Of Shadows-1998 (with Guy LeBlanc)
Canvas-Valkyrie Days-Long Way To Mars-2013
Kevin Gilbert-The Way Back Home-The Shaming Of The True-2000 (with Nick D'Virgilio)
Kevin Gilbert-Johnny's Last Song-The Shaming Of The True-2000
The Tangent-A Spark In The Aether (part two)-A Spark In The Aether-2015 (with Theo Travis)
Bryan Beller of The Aristocrats
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 454
In Focus-The Aristocrats-Culture Clash Live-2014
Featuring an interview with Bryan Beller!

Landmarq-Science Of Coincidence (1998)-Origins-2014
Kaipa-A Map Of Your Secret World-Sattyg-2014
Neal Morse-Overture No. 4-Testimony Two-2011
Dave Kilminster-The Fallen-And The Truth Will Set You Free-2014
The Aristocrats-Ohhhh-Noooo-Culture Clash Live-2014

Ambrosia-Time Waits For No One-Ambrosia-1975
Junk Farm-An Eye For An Eye-Ugly Little Thing-2007
Beardfish-Hold On-4626 Comfortzone-2015
Flying Colors-Blue Ocean-Flying Colors-2012 (with Steve Morse)
The Dregs-Atilla The Hun-Unsung Heroes-1981
Producers-Your Life-Made In Basing Street-2012 (with Trevor Horn)
Stanley Snail-Siberian Khatru-Tales From Yesterday-1995 (with Bryan Beller & Kevin Gilbert)
The Aristocrats-Culture Clash-Culture Clash Live-2014

Chris Squire-Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side-Fish Out Of Water-1975 (with Bill Bruford)
Faz Jaz.JP- Jazz Crimes-Season IV-2012
Steve Hackett-Los Endos-Watcher Of The Skies-1996
Chicago-Now That You've Gone-V-1972
John Wesley-Window-Disconnect-2014
The Aristocrats-Bad Asteroid-The Aristocrats-2011
The Aristocrats-Desert Tornado- Culture Clash Live-2014

Eric Johnson-Intro/Zenland-Europe Live-2014
Steven Wilson-Regret #9-Hand.Cannot.Erase.-2014 (with Minnemann, Govan & Holzman)
Steve Rothery-Old Man Of The Sea-The Ghosts Of Pripyat-2014 (with Steven Wilson & Steve Hackett)
Consider The Source-Put Another Rock In That Bag Part 2-World War Trio Part 1-2014
Bryan Beller-Supermarket People-View-2003 (with Mike Keneally)
The Aristocrats-See You Next Tuesday-The Aristocrats-2011
The Aristocrats-Gaping Head Wound-Culture Clash Live-2014
Steve Hackett
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 443
In Focus-Steve Hackett-Spectral Mornings-1979
Steve Hackett Interview!!!

The Flower Kings-The Merrygoround-Stardust We Are-1997
Tin Spirits-Little Eyes-Scorch-2014
Big Big Train-Master James Of St. George-The Underfall Yard-2009
Brand X-Act Of Will-Do They Hurt?-1980 (with Percy Jones)
Elton John-Love Song-Tumbleweed Connection-1970
Steve Hackett-Every Day-Spectral Mornings-1979
Steve Hackett-The Virgin And The Gypsy-Spectral Mornings-1979

RPWL-Hide And Seek-Wanted-2014
Steve Rothery Band-Morpheus-Live In Rome-2014
Marillion-Easter-Seasons End-1989
Eric Johnson-Intro/Zenland-Europe Live-2014
Flying Colors-A Place In Your World-Second Nature-2014
Steve Hackett-The Red Flower Of Tachai-Spectral Mornings-1979
Steve Hackett-Clocks-The Angel Of Mons-Spectral Mornings-1979

Enchant-Circles-The Great Divide-2014
Spock's Beard-Someting Very Strange-Brief Nocturnes & Dreamless Sleep-2013
Keith Emerson & Greg Lake-The Barbarian-Live From Manticore Hall-2014
John Wesley-Window-Disconnect-2014
The Aristocrats-Desert Tornado-Culture Clash-2013 (with Beller, Govan & Minnemann)
Steve Hackett-The Ballad Of The Decomposing Man-Spectral Mornings-1979
Steve Hackett-Lost Time In Cordoba-Spectral Mornings-1979

Steven Wilson-Drive Home-The Raven That Refused To Sing...-2013 (with Guthrie Govan)
Asia-The Closer I Get To You-Gravitas-2014 (with Wetton, Downes & Palmer)
Neal Morse-Flowers In A Vase-Songs From November-2014
Nick Magnus-Headcase-N'Monix-2014
Steve Hackett-Tigermoth-Spectral Mornings-1979
Steve Hackett-Spectral Mornings-Spectral Mornings-1979
Casey McPherson of Flying Colors
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 442
In Focus-Flying Colors-Second Nature-2014
Casey McPherson Interview!!!!

Saga-Let It Slide-Sagacity-2014
The Pineapple Thief-Shoot First-Tightly Unwound-2008
Prism-Sacred Eleven-Mode: Odd-2013
Rush-Jacob's Ladder-Permanent Waves-1980
Flying Colors-Blue Ocean-Flying Colors-2012
Flying Colors-Bombs Away-Second Nature-2014

Jean-Luc Ponty-Aurora (Parts 1 & 2)-Live-1979 (live)
Yes-We Have Heaven/South Side Of The Sky-Fragile-1972
The Fents-Stick In The Mud-First Offense-1983 (with Adam Holzman)
The Who-Go To The Mirror!-Tommy-1969
Focus-Tommy-Golden Oldies-2014
Flying Colors-Forever In A Daze-Flying Colors-2012
Flying Colors-Lost Without You-Second Nature-2014

Max Webster-In Context Of The Moon-High Class In Borrowed Shoes-1977
Dixie Dregs-I'm Freaking Out-Dregs Of The Earth-1980
Tommy Bolin-Wild Dogs-Teaser-1975 (with Prairie Prince)
Hi Fiction Science-Magpies (Against The Sun)-Curious Yellow-2014
Renaissance-Carpet Of The Sun-Ashes Are Burning-1973
Flying Colors-Can't Find A Way-Live In Europe-2013 (live)
Flying Colors-One Love Forever-Second Nature-2014

Bill Bruford-Travels With Myself...And Someone Else-One Of A Kind-1979 (with Jeff Berlin)
April Wine-Silver Dollar-First Glance-1978
Kevin Gilbert-When Strangers Part-Nuts-2009
Gotye-Bronte-Making Mirrors-2011
Steve Perry-She's Mine-Street Talk-1983 (with Larrie London)
Neal Morse-Supernatural-Testimony 2-2011
Flying Colors-Cosmic Symphony-Second Nature-2014
Chris Thompson
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 441
In Focus-Manfred Mann's Earth Band-The Roaring Silence-1976
Chris Thompson Interview!

The Alan Parsons Project-A Dream Within A Dream/The Raven-Tales Of Mystery And Imagination-1976
Crack The Sky-Nuclear Apathy-Safety In Numbers-1977
Saga-The Sound Of Strangers-Heads Or Tales-1983
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-For You-Chance-1980
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Blinded By The Light-The Roaring Silence-1976
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Singing The Dolphins Through-The Roaring Silence-1976

Flying Colors-A Place In Your World-Second Nature-2014
Simon Phillips-Wildfire-Protocol II-2013
Jeff Wayne-Thunder Child-War Of The Worlds-1978 (with Chris Thompson)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Circles-Watch-1978
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Questions-The Roaring Silence-1976
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-The Road To Babylon-The Roaring Silence-1976

Presto Ballet-Thieves-The Lost Art Of Time Travel-2008
Neal Morse-Flowers In A Vase-Songs From November-2014
Jason Faulkner-Don't Show Me Heaven-Presents Author Unknown-1996
Canvas-Valkyrie Days-Long Way To Mars-2013
Steve Hackett-Slot Machine-Feedback 86-2000 (with Chris Thompson)
Chris Thompson-Father Of Day-Berlin Live-2011 (live)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-This Side Of Paradise-The Roaring Silence-1976
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Starbird-The Roaring Silence-1976

Brand X-Deadly Nightshade-Masques-1978 (with Chuck Burgi)
Black Bonzo-Thorns Upon A Crown-Sound Of The Apocalypse-2007
Jethro Tull-One Brown Mouse-Heavy Horses-1978
Alan Parsons-Turn It Up-Try Anything Once-1993 (with Chris Thompson)
Chris Thompson-Darkside Interlude/Dark Side-Toys & Dishes-2014
Chris Thompson-We Run-Toys & Dishes-2014
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Waiter, There's A Yawn In My Ear-The Roaring Silence-1976
Neal Morse
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 440
In Focus-Neal Morse-Songs From November-2014
Neal Morse Interview!!!!

Keith Emerson & Greg Lake-From The Beginning-Live From Manticore Hall-2014
Keith Emerson & Greg Lake-I Talk To The Wind-Live From Manticore Hall-2014
The Flower Kings-Chicken Farmer Song-Space Revolver-2000
Echo Us-Solum Vobis (Only You)-A Priori Memoriae-2014
Hi Fiction Science-Magpies (Against The Sun)-Curious Yellow-2014
Transatlantic-Black As The Sky-Kaleidoscope-2014 (with Neal Morse)
Neal Morse-Whatever Days-Songs From November-2014

Asia-The Closer I Get To You-Gravitas-2014 (with Wetton, Downes & Palmer)
Glass Hammer-Porpoise Song-Ode To Echo-2014
Dennis Chambers-Aircraft-Groove And More-2013 (with Brian Auger)
Jefferson Starship-Awakening-Freedom At Point Zero-1979
Flying Colors-Infinite Fire-Flying Colors-2012 (with Neal Morse)
Morse Portnoy George-Teacher-Cover 2 Cover-2012
Neal Morse-Flowers In A Vase-Songs From November-2014

John Wesley-Window-Disconnect-2014
Alice Cooper-Hard Hearted Alice-Muscle Of Love-1973
Journey-Precious Time-Departure-1980 (with Steve Smith)
Chick Corea-Lenore-The Leprechaun-1976 (with Steve Gadd)
Neal Morse-The Separated Man-One-2004 (with Phil Keaggy)
Neal Morse-Momentum-Momentum-2012
Neal Morse-Song For The Free-Songs From November-2014

Genesis-Squonk-Trick Of The Tail-1976
3rd Matinee-She Dreams-Meanwhile-1994 (with Richard Page)
Spock's Beard-The Great Nothing-V-2000 (with Neal Morse)
Neal Morse-The Way Of Love-Songs From November-2014
David Paich
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 439
In Focus-Toto-Toto-1978
David Paich Interview!!!!

Nick Magnus-Time-N'Monix-2014
Ayreon-The Decision Tree (We're Alive)-Into The Electric Castle-1998 (with Fish)
Sound Of Contact-Pale Blue Dot-Dimensionaut-2013
Toto-Child's Anthem-Toto-1978
Toto-I'll Supply The Love-Toto-1978
Toto-Georgy Porgy-Toto-1978

Levin Minnemann Rudess-Mew-LMR-2013
Gino Vannelli-Brother To Brother-Stardust In The Sand-2009
Frost*-Blacklight Machine-The Rockfield Files-2013
Toto-Manuella Run-Toto-1978
Toto-You Are The Flower-Toto-1978
Toto-Girl Goodbye-Toto-1978

Spock's Beard-Submerged-Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep-2013
Garaj Mahal-The Shadow-Blueberry Cave-2005
Focus-Focus 3 & 2-Golden Oldies-2014
Styx-Born For Adventure-Equinox-1975
Rob Crow-(Keep Feeling) Fascination-Single-2009
Toto-Takin' It Back-Toto-1978

Kevin Gilbert-Back In NYC-Suppers Ready....-1995
The Aristocrats-Louisville Stomp-Culture Clash-2013
Jean Luc-Ponty-A Taste For Passion-A Taste For Passion-1979
Eric Johnson-Intro/Zenland-Europe Live-2014 (live)
The Zombies-A Rose For Emily/Changes-Odessey & Oracle-1968 (with Rod Argent)
Toto-Hold The Line-Live In Poland-2014 (live)
Steve Hackett
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 438
In Focus-Steve Hackett-Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith-2013
Steve Hackett Interview!!!!

CMD & The Nomads-The Jam/A New Day-CMD & The Nomads Live-2014 (with Dave Weckl)
Starcastle-Elliptical Seasons-Starcastle-1976
Flying Colors-Blue Ocean-Flying Colors-2012
Uriah Heep-Circle Of Hands-Demons And Wizards-1972
Steve Hackett-Watcher Of The Skies-Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith-2013

Phil Collins-Do You Know, Do You Care?-Hello, I Must Be Going-1982 (with Daryl Stuermer)
Brand X-Nuclear Burn-Unorthodox Behaviour-1976 (with Percy Jones)
Peter Gabriel-Don't Give Up-So-1986 (with Kate Bush)
Michael Rutherford-Out Into The Daylight-Small Creeps Day-1979 (with Simon Phillips)
Tony Banks-Somebody Else's Dream-A Curious Feeling-1979 (with Chester Thompson)
Anthony Phillips-Which Way The Wind Blows-The Geese & The Ghost-1977 (with Phil Collins & Michael Rutherford)
Steve Hackett-Dancing With The Moonlit Knight-Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith-2013

Fragile-Back Skip-Fragile-1996
Big Big Train-Last Train-The Underfall Yard-2009 (with Nick D' Virgillio)
Matt Stevens-Flow-Lucid-2014
Led Zeppelin-That's The Way-III-1970
Kansas-Paradox-Point Of Know Return-1977
Focus-House Of The King-Golden Oldies-2014
The Moody Blues-Legend Of A Mind-In Search Of The Lost Chord-1968
Steve Hackett-Blood On The Rooftops-Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith-2013

Dixie Dregs-Odyssey-What If-1978
Blackfield-Waving-Welcome To My DNA-2011(with Steven Wilson)
Unitopia-Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft-Covered Mirror Vol 1-2012
Gary Moore-End Of The World-Corridors Of Power-1982
David Gilmore-There's No Way Out Of Here-David Gilmore-1978
GTR-When The Heart Rules The Mind-GTR-1986 (with Steve Hackett & Steve Howe)
Steve Hackett-Los Endos-Genesis Revisited: Live At Hammersmith-2013
Patrick Moraz
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 437
 In Focus-Yes-Relayer-1974
Patrick Moraz Interview

Anathema-The Lost Song Part 1-Distant Satellites-2014
Kazumi Watanabe-Spinning Globe-Spinning Globe-2013 (with Berlin & Donati)
Refugee-Papillion-Refugee-1974 (with Patrick Moraz)
Yes-The Gates Of Delirium-Relayer-1974

Focus-Tommy-Golden Oldies-2014
Automatic Man-My Pearl-Automatic Man-1976 (with Pat Thrall & Michael Shrieve)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-For You-Chance-1980 (with Trevor Rabin)
Queen-Doing Alright-Queen-1973
Captain Beyond-Thousand Days Of Yesterdays...-Captain Beyond-1972
Patrick Moraz-Dancing Now-The Story Of I-1976 (with Jeff Berlin)
Yes-Sound Chaser-Relayer-1974

Canvas-Scheherazade-Long Way To Mars-2013
Neal Morse-Overture No. 4-Testimony Two-2011
Karcius-First Day-The First Day-2012
Chris Squire-Silently Falling-Fish Out Of Water-1975 (with Patrick Moraz)
The Moody Blues-The Other Side Of Life-The Other Side Of Life-1986 (with Patrick Moraz)

John Wesley-Window-Disconnect-2014
Morse Portnoy George-Maybe I'm Amazed-Cover To Cover-2006
Brother Ape-New Shangri-La-Shangri-La-2006
Patrick Moraz & Bill Bruford-Impromtu, Too!-Flags-1985
Nektar-Africa-Spoonful Of Time-2012 (with Patrick Moraz & Bobby Kimball)
Yes-To Be Over-Relayer-1974
Nick Magnus
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 436
In Focus-Nick Magnus-N'Monix-2014
Nick Magnus Interview

Saga-Wind Him Up-Worlds Apart-1982
Presto Ballet-The Mind Machine-The Lost Art Of Time Travel-2008
Landmarq-Science Of Coincidence-Anthology 1992-2014-2014
Santana-All I Ever Wanted-Marathon-1979 (with Graham Lear)
Steve Hackett-Valley Of The Kings-Genesis Revisited-1996 (with Nick Magnus)
Nick Magnus-Time-N'Monix-2014

Frost*-Hyperventilate-The Rockfield Files-2013 (live in studio)
Neal Morse-The Outsider/Sweet Elation...-?-2005
Simon Phillips-Octopia-Protocol II-2013
Autumn-Little Finger Exercise-Ocean World-1978 (with Nick Magnus)
Nick Magnus-Kombat Kid-N'Monix-2014

Alice Cooper-Blue Turk-School's Out-1972
Chicago-Now That You've Gone-Chicago V-1972
Eric Johnson-Fat Daddy-Europe Live-2014 (live)
Antoine Fafard-Holding Back Time-Occultus Tramitis-2013 (with Terry Bozzio)
Toto-Stranger In Town-Isolation-1984
Nick Magnus-Identity Theft-Children Of Another God-2010
Steve Hackett-Camino Royale-Genesis Revisited II-2012 (with Nick Magnus)
Nick Magnus-Headcase-N'Monix-2014

Paul & Linda McCartney-Too Many People-Ram-1971
Yes-Yours Is No Disgrace-The Yes Album-1971
Jethro Tull-Mother Goose/Wond'ring Aloud-Aqualung-1971
Kansas-Miracles Out Of Nowhere-Leftoverture-1976
Steve Hackett-Spectral Mornings-Spectral Mornings-1979 (with Nick Magnus)
Nick Magnus-Eminent Victorians-N'Monix-2014 (with Steve Hackett)
Terry Bozzio
The Canvas Prog Hour #435
UK-Danger Money-1979
Terry Bozzio Interview

Crack The Sky-Lighten Up McGraw-Safety In Numbers-1977
Dennis Chambers-Aircraft-Groove And More-2013 (with Brian Auger)
The Brecker Brothers-Some Skunk Funk-Heavy Metal Be Bop-1978 (live) (with Terry Bozzio)
Group 87-Sublime Feline-Group 87-1980 (with Terry Bozzio)
UK-Danger Money-Danger Money-1979
UK-Rendezvous 6:20-Danger Money-1979

Transatlantic-Black As The Sky-Kaleidoscope-2014
Steven Wilson-Drive Home-The Raven That Refused To Sing...2013
Happy The Man-Stumpy Meets The Firecracker In Stencil Forest-Happy The Man-1977
Missing Persons-Destination Unknown-Spring Session M-1982 (with Terry Bozzio)
Jeff Beck-Behind The Veil-Guitar Shop-1989 (with Terry Bozzio)
UK-The Only Thing She Needs-Danger Money-1979
UK-Ceasar's Palace Blues-Danger Money-1979

Monkey Business-Rich Men Lie-Monkey Business-1998 (with John Wetton)
Yes-White Car/Does It Really Happen?-Drama-1980 (with Trevor Horn)
Producers-Freeway-Made In Basing Street-2012 (with Trevor Horn)
Polytown-Honey Sweating-Polytown-1994 (with Terry Bozzio)
Bozzio Levin Stevens-Tragic-Situation Dangerous-2000
UK-Nothing To Lose-Danger Money-1979

Robert Berry-Minstrel In The Gallery (1996)-Prime Cuts-2006
Brand X-Noddy Goes To Sweden-Do They Hurt?-1980
The Aristocrats-Desert Tornado-Culture Clash-2013
Alex Machacek-Indian Girl (Meets Austrian Boy)-Sic-2006 (with Terry Bozzio)
Terry Bozzio-Homage To Spanish Key-Live In Japan 2007-2012 (live)
UK-Carrying No Cross-Danger Money-1979
Eric Johnson
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 434
In Focus-Eric Johnson-Europe Live-2014
Eric Johnson Interview

Marillion-Freaks-B'Sides Themselves-1988
Simon Phillips-Upside In Downside Up-Protocol II-2013
Focus-Sylvia-Golden Oldies-2014
Eric Johnson-Alone With You-Secret Worlds-1976
Eric Johnson-Intro/Zenland-Europe Live-2014 (live)
Eric Johnson-Forty Mile Town-Europe Live-2014

Toto-Intro 13/On The Run...-Live In Poland-2014 (live)
Jack Knife-I Wish You Would-Jack Knife-1978 (with John Wetton)
Flying Colors-Forever In A Daze-Flying Colors-2012
Ohm-The Box-Tsunami Jams-2012
Nick Magnus-Headcase-N'Monix-2014
Eric Johnson-Western Flyer-Guitar Speak-1988
Eric Johnson-MR. P.C.-Europe Live-2014

Tin Spirits-Broken-Wired To Earth-2012
Kings X-It's Love-Faith Hope Love-1990
Eric Johnson-Friends-Tones-1986
Eric Johnson-Manhattan-Europe Live-2014
Eric Johnson-Interlude/Cliffs Of Dover-Europe Live-2014

Levin Minnemann Rudess-The Blizzard-LMR-2013
The Fixx-Stand Or Fall-Shuttered Room-1982
Genesis-Me And Sarah Jane-Abacab-1981
Crosby Stills Nash & Young-Carry On-Deja Vu-1970
Dire Straits-The Man's Too Strong-Brothers In Arms-1985
Eric Johnson-Austin-Up Close-2009
Electromagnets-Dry Ice-Electromagnets-1975 (with Eric Johnson)
Eric Johnson-Sun Reprise-Europe Live-2014
David Paich of Toto
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 433
In Focus-Toto-35th Anniversary Live In Poland-2014
David Paich Interview

Utopia-Caravan-Adventures In Utopia-1980
John Wesley-Window-Disconnect-2014
Gino Vannelli-Mama Coco-Storm At Sunup-1975 (with Graham Lear)
Alessandro Bertoni-Megas Alexandros-Keystone-2013
Nick Magnus-Eminent Victorians-N'Monix-2014 (with Steve Hackett)
Toto-Hydra-Live In Poland-2014 (live)
Toto-St. George And The Dragon-Live In Poland-2014

Neal Morse-Momentum-Momentum-2012
Tohpati-Red Mask-Tribal Dance-2014 (with Haslip & Wackerman)
Yes-Parallels-Going For The One-1977
Porcupine Tree-Blackest Eyes-In Absentia-2002
Toto-Wings Of Time-Live In Poland-2014
Toto-Falling In Between-Live In Poland-2014

The Aristocrats-Bad Asteroid-Boing, We'll Do It Live!-2012 (live)
Kansas-Song For America-Song For America-1975
Kevin Gilbert-Circling Winds-Nuts-2009
Toto-The Muse/White Sister-live In Poland-2014

Special Providence-Lazy Boy-Soul Alert-2012
Golden Earring-Vanilla Queen-Moontan-1974
William Shatner-Manhunt-Ponder The Mystery-2013
Steely Dan-Black Friday-Katy Lied-1975 (with David Paich)
Elton John-Captain Fantastic...-Captain Fantastic...-1975
Canvas-Long Way To Mars-Long Way To Mars-2013
Toto-Better World-Live In Poland-2014
Neal Smith, drummer with the Alice Cooper Group
The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 427
In Focus-Alice Cooper-Billion Dollar Babies
Featuring an interview with drummer Neal Smith

Spock's Beard-Hiding Out-Brief Nocturnes & Dreamless Sleep-2013
Frank Marino-Strange Dreams-Juggernaut-1982
Agents Of Mercy-Between Sun And Moon-The Black Forest-2011 (with Roine Stolt)
Queen-Great King Rat-Queen-1973
Alice Cooper-Hello Hooray-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Alice Cooper-Raped And Freezin'-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Alice Cooper-Elected-Billion Dollar Babies-1973

Emerson Lake & Palmer-The Sheriff-Trilogy-1972
Fish-Credo-Internal Exile-1991
Crack The Sky-Invaders From Mars/Play On-Animal Notes-1976
Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell-Heaven And Hell-1980
Steven Wilson-Drive Home-The Raven That Refused To Sing..2013 (with Guthrie Govan)
Alice Cooper-Billion Dollar Babies-Billion Dollar Babies-1973

Transatlantic-Black As The Sky-Kaleidoscope-2014
William Shatner-Manhunt-Ponder The Mystery-2013
Montrose-Good Rockin' Tonight-Montrose-1973
Alice Cooper-Unfinished Sweet-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Alice Cooper-No More Mister Nice Guy-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Alice Cooper-Generation Landslide-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Alice Cooper-Alma Mater-School's Out-1972

Canvas Sheherazade-Long Way To Mars-2013
Thin Lizzy-Emerald-Jailbreak-1976
Uriah Heep-Circus-Sweet Freedom-1973
The Firm-Midnight Moonlight-The Firm-1985
The Beach Boys-Surf's Up-Surf's Up-1971
UFO-Love To Love-Light's Out-1977
Alice Cooper-Sick Things-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Alice Cooper-Mary Ann-Billion Dollar Babies-1973
Alice Cooper-I Love The Dead-Billion Dollar Babies-1973

Steve Lukather

The Canvas Prog Hour #398 Steve Lukather Interview
"In Focus"-Steve Lukather-Transition

Santana-All I Ever Wanted-Marathon-1979 (with Graham Lear)
The Jelly Jam-Coming Round-The Jelly Jam 2-2004 (with Rod Morgenstein)
Jeff Beck-Led Boots-Wired-1976 (with Jan Hammer & Narada Michael Walden)
Special Providence-Lazy Boy-Soul Alert-2012
Flying Colors-Blue Ocean-Flying Colors-2012 (with Mike Portnoy,  Neal Morse & Steve Morse)
Toto-Girl Goodbye-Toto-1978
Steve Lukather-Judgement Day-Transition-2013

Adam Nitti-Renaissance Man/Rebirth-Liminal-2009
Chicago-A Hit By Varese-Chicago V-1972
Huw Lloyd Langton-5 To 4-Rare & Unreleased Anthology-2012
The James Gang-Take A Look Around-Yer Album-1969
Steve Lukather & Los Lobotomys-Party In Simon's Pants-Candyman-1994
Steve Lukather-Creep Motel-Transition-2013

Journey-Topaz-Journey-1975 (with Aynsley Dunbar)
The Tubes-Poland Whole/Madam I'm Adam-Young & Rich-1976
Kevin Gilbert-Shadow Self-Thud-1994
Toto-Jake To The Bone-Kingdom Of Desire-1992
Steve Lukather-Tell Me What You Want From Me-Ever Changing Times-2008
Steve Lukather-Transition-Transition-2013

Spock's Beard-The Light-The Light-1995
Toto-King Of The World-Falling In Between-2006
Larry Carlton & Steve Lukather-Room 335-No Substitutions Live In Osaka-2001 (live)
Derek Sherinian-Mulholland-Oceana-2011 (with Steve Lukather)
Steve Lukather-Bluebird-Luke-1997
Steve Lukather-Rest Of The World-Transition-2013


Steve Hackett

The Canvas Prog Hour playlist #387 Steve Hackett Interview
"In Focus" Squackett-A Life Within A Day-2012

Spock's Beard-Made Alive/Overture-Snow-2002
Ayreon-The Decision Tree (We're Alive)-Into The Electric Castle-1998 (with Fish)
Producers-Waiting For The Right Time-Made In Basing Street-2012 (with Trevor Horn)
The Fents-Stick In The Mud-First Offense-1983 (with Adam Holzman)
Steve Hackett-Star Of Sirius-Voyage Of The Acolyte-1975 (with Phil Collins)
GTR-When The Heart Rules The Mind-GTR-1986 (with Steve Hackett & Steve Howe)
Squackett-A Life Within A Day-A Life Within A Day-2012

Tin Spirits-Broken-Wired To Earth-2012
An Allstar Lineup...-Any Colour You Like-Pigs & Pyramids-2002 (with Robben Ford & Tony Franklin)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-For You-Chance-1980 (with Trevor Rabin)
Genesis-Watcher Of The Skies-Foxtrot-1972
Steve Hackett-Deja Vu-Watcher Of The Skies Genesis Revisited-1996 (with Paul Carrak)
Squackett-Tall Ships-A Life Within A Day-2012

Moon Safari-Bluebells-Blomljud-2008
Brand X-Running On Three-Unorthodox Behaviour-1976
Rush-Middletown Dreams-Power Windows-1985
Joni Mitchell-Talk To Me-Don Juan's Reckless Daughter-1977 (with Jaco Pastorius)
Steve Hackett-Prairie Angel/A Place Called Freedom-Beyond The Shrouded Horizon-2011
Gary Husband-Moon Song-Dirty & Beautiful Vol. 1-2010 (with Steve Hackett)
Squackett-Aliens-A Life Within A Day-2012

Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion-The Final Hour-Powerplay-2012
Genesis-Blood On The Rooftops-Wind & Wuthering-1976
Steve Hackett-Brand New-To Watch The Storms-2003
Steve Hackett-Fire On The Moon-Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth-2010 (with Chris Squire)
Genesis-Unquiet Slumbers...-Wind & Wuthering-1976


Roye Albrighton

The Canvas Prog Hour #361 Roye Albrighton Interview
"In Focus" The Nektar Re-Issues

Kings X-Picture-Ear Candy-1996
Jon Anderson-New New World-Survival & Other Stories-2011
Curt Cress Clan-From The Back-CCC-2010
Nektar-A Tab In The Ocean-A Tab In The Ocean-1972

Pendragon-Shane-The World-1991
Porcupine Tree-Stranger By The Minute-Stupid Dream-1999
Brainticket-Black Sand-Cottonwood Hill-1971
Nektar-Remember The Future Part 1-Remember The Future-1973

Queen-Brighton Rock-Sheer Heart Attack-1974
John Entwistle-Too Late The Hero-Too Late The Hero-1981 (with Joe Walsh)
Moon Safari-New York City Summergirl-Lovers End-2010
Francis Dunnery-I'm In Love-Man-2001
Nektar-Astral Man-Down To Earth-1974
Nektar-Show Me The Way-Down To Earth-1974

Armageddon-Silver Tightrope-Armageddon-1975 (with Keith Relf)
Hawkwind-World Of Tiers-Levitation-1980
Nektar-Sao Paulo Sunrise...-Recycled-1975


Neal Morse

The Canvas Prog Hour #366 Neal Morse Interview
"In Focus"-Neal Morse-Testimony Two-2011

Yes-Bumpy Ride/We Can Fly (Reprise)-Fly From Here-2011
David Sancious-Suite (For The End Of An Age)-Just As I Thought-1979
Spock's Beard-Walking On The Wind-Beware Of Darkness-1995
Neal Morse-Mercy Street/Overture No. 4-Testimony Two-2011

Giraffe-Because Of You-Rarities-1987 (live) (with Kevin Gilbert)
Minus The Bear-My Time-Omni-2010
Alain Caron-Enhanced-Septentrion-2010
Roine Stolt-Head Above Water-Wall Street Voodoo-2005 (with Neal Morse)
Neal Morse-Living Out Loud-Neal Morse-2000
Neal Morse-Time Changer-Testimony Two-2011

Jazz Pistols-Tough Stuff-3 On The Floor-1996
The Dregs-Kat Food-Unsung Heroes-1981
The Who-I've Had Enough-Quadrophenia-1973
David Crosby-Laughing-If I Could Only Remember My Name-1971 (with Jerry Garcia)
Morse Portnoy George-Maybe I'm Amazed-Cover To Cover-2006
Neal Morse-Time Has Come Today-Testimony Two-2011

The Beach Boys-Surf's Up-Surf's Up-1971
Chicago-Movin' In-Chicago-1970
The Fents-Day Hike-First Offense-1983 (with Adam Holzman)
Ayreon-The First Man On Earth-The Dream Sequencer-2000 (with Neal Morse)
Transatlantic-Overture/Whirlwind-The Whirlwind-2009
Neal Morse-Supernatural-Testimony Two-2011


Percy Jones

The Canvas Prog Hour #379 Percy Jones Interview
"In Focus" Bangtower-Casting Shadows-2010

Kevin Gilbert-Parade (alternate version)-The Shaming Of The True-2000
UFO-I'm A Loser-No Heavy Petting-1976
Moon Safari-New York City Summergirl-The Gettysburg Address-2012 (live)
Larry Carlton & Steve Lukather-Room 335-No Substitutions Live In Osaka-2001 (live)
Utopia-Last Of The New Wave Riders-Adventures In Utopia-1980
Brand X-Born Ugly-Unorthodox Behaviour-1976
Bangtower-Sex Me Up-Casting Shadows-2010

Nektar-Early Morning Clown-Down To Earth-1974
Fragile-Patroness Carnival-No Wet-1999
Blackfield-Open Mind-Blackfield-2005
Electric Outlet-Tekky-On-2006
Brand X-Malaga Virgen-Moroccan Roll-1977
Bangtower-Hair Of The Dog-Casting Shadows-2010

The James Gang-Take A Look Around-Yer' Album-1969
Curt Cress Clan-From The Back-CCC-2010
Kevin Gilbert-A Long Days Life-The Shaming Of The True-2000 (orchestrated)
Brand X-The Ghost Of Mayfield Lodge-Masques-1978
Bangtower-Let Em Drown-Casting Shadows-2010

Led Zeppelin-That's The Way-III-1970
Khan-Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains-Space Shanty-1972
Brand X-Dance Of The Illegal Aliens-Product-1979
Tunnels-Prisoners Of The Knitting Factory Hallway-Tunnels-1993 (with Percy Jones)
Bangtower-Ballad Of Wealth-Casting Shadows-2010


Derek Sherinian

The Canvas Prog Hour #365 Derek Sherinian Interview
"In Focus" Derek Sherinian-Oceana-2011

Kevin Gilbert-Goodness Gracious-Thud-1994
Moon Safari-Bluebells-Blomljud-2008
Relocator-Red Vibes-Relocator-2010 (with Derek Sherinian)
Planet X-The Thinking Stone-Quantum-2007 (with Allan Holdsworth)
Derek Sherinian-Five Elements-Oceana-2011

Blackfield-Waving-Welcome To My DNA-2011
Kiyomi Otaka-Kids Doors-Out Of Sight-2001 (with Dave Weckl & Gary Willis)
Neal Morse-Entrance-?-2005
October Tree-Parallels/Mirrors/Epihanies-The Fairy's Wing-2012
Derek Sherinian-Mulholland-Oceana-2011 (with Steve Lukather)

Supertramp-Rudy-Crime Of The Century-1974
FM-One O'Clock Tomorrow-Black Noise-1977
Derek Sherinian-Star Cycle-Black Utopia-2003 (with Steve Lukather)
Derek Sherinian-Ghost Runner-Oceana-2011 (with Steve Stevens)

Journey-Departure/Good Morning Girl/Stay Awile-Departure-1980
Rush-The Necromancer-Caress Of Steel-1975
Ambrosia-Time Waits For No One-Ambrosia-1975
Prism-Mizumi To Sora-Palace In The Sky-2011
Derek Sherinian-I Heard That-Oceana-2011 (with Joe Bonamassa)


Billy Sherwood

The Canvas Prog Hour #364 Billy Sherwood Interview
"In Focus" Circa-And So On-2011

District 97-I Can't Take You With Me-Hybrid Child-2010
Utopia-The Martyr-Oops! Wrong Planet-1977
Leslie West-To The Moon-Unusual Suspects-2011
Adam Holzman & Brave New World-Tuesday-Spork-2010
Lodgic-Romance-Nomadic Sands-1985 (with Billy Sherwood)
Circa-And So On-And So On-2011

Magnetic Sound Machine-Camel Trouble-Chances & Accidents-2010
Magic Pie-Endless Ocean-The Suffering Joy-2011
Santana-Transcendance-Moonflower-1977 (live)
World Trade-Say Goodbye-Euphoria-1995 (with Billy Sherwood & Chris Squire)
Yes-The Messenger-The Ladder-1999 (with Billy Sherwood)
Circa-Till We Get There-And So On-2011

Cosmopolitics-Quantum Fusion-Mental Hygiene-2010
Spymob-2040-Sitting Around Keeping Score-2004
Tony Kaye & Billy Sherwood-Time And A Word-Live From The Bottom Line Nagoya-2011 (live)
Conspiracy-Conspiracy-The Unknown-2003 (with Billy Sherwood & Chris Squire)
Circa-Notorious-And So On-2011

Alice Cooper-Second Coming/Ballad Of Dwight Fry-Love It To Death-1971
The Aristocrats-See You Next Tuesday-The Aristocrats-2011 (with Bryan Beller, Guthrie Govan & Marco Minnemann)
Umphrey's McGee-Nemo-Safety In Numbers-2006
Marillion-That Time Of The Night-Clutching At Straws-1987
Francis Dunnery-The Gulley Flats Boys-The Gulley Flats Boys-2005
Circa-In My Sky-And So On-2011


Jeff Berlin

The Canvas Prog Hour #363 Jeff Berlin Interview
"In Focus" Players-1987 (with Jeff Berlin, Steve Smith, Scott Henderson & T Lavitz)

Crack The Sky-Nuclear Apathy-Safety In Numbers-1977
The Aristocrats-Bad Asteroid-The Aristocrats-2011 (with Beller, Govan & Minnemann)
Patrick Moraz-Dancing Now-The Story Of I-1976 (with Jeff Berlin)
Bill Bruford-Travels With Myself And Someone Else-One Of A Kind-1979 (with Jeff Berlin)

Moksha-The Measure Of All Things-Here To Go-2011
Ken Hensley-When Evening Comes-Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf-1973
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe-Heart Of The Sunrise-An Evening Of Yes Music Plus-1993 (with Jeff Berlin) (live)
Players-Freight Train Shuffle-Players-1987 (live)

Gino Vannelli-Brother To Brother-1978 (with Mark Craney)
Herbie Hancock-Actual Proof-Thrust-1974 (with Mike Clark)
Vital Tech Tones-King Twang-Vital Tech Tones Volume 1-1998 (with Scott Henderson)
Jeff Berlin & Vox Humana-Marabi-Champion-1985 (with Neil Peart & Steve Smith)
David Sancious-And Then She Said-Just As I Thought-1979 (with Jeff Berlin)
Players-Between Coming And Going-Players-1987 (live)

Brand X-Cambodia-Do They Hurt?-1980 (with Mike Clark)
Tribal Tech-Slick-Thick-1999 (with Scott Henderson)
Allan Holdsworth-Road Games-Road Games-1983 (with Jeff Berlin)
Bill Bruford-5G-One Of A Kind-1979 (with Jeff Berlin)
Players-The Creeping Terror-Players-1987 (live)



Jon Anderson

The Canvas Prog Hour #357 Jon Anderson Interview
"In Focus" Jon Anderson-Survival & Other Stories-2011

Giraffe-Overture/Because Of You-The Power Of Suggestion-1987 (with Kevin Gilbert)
England-Three Piece Suite-Garden Shed-1977
Yes-Time And A Word-Time And A Word-1970
Jon Anderson-New New World-Survival & Other Stories-2011

Moon Safari-Yasgur"s Farm-Blomljud-2008
Trix-Skip Away-Fantastic-2009
Tears For Fears-Everybody Loves A Happy Ending-Everybody Loves A Happy Ending-2004
Yes-We Have Heaven/South Side Of The Sky-Fragile-1972
John Anderson-Understanding Truth-Survival & Other Stories-2011

Kevin Gilbert-The Best Laid Plans-The Shaming Of The True-2000
Camel-The Sleeper-Breathlesss-1978
Francis Dunnery-Hometown-Man-2001
Jon Anderson-Flight Of The Moorglade-Olias Of Sunhillow-1976
Yes-Wonderous Stories-Going For The One-1977
Jon Anderson-Love Of The Life-Survival & Other Stories-2011

Garaj Mahal-Celtic Indian-Blueberry Cave-2005
Elton John-Love Song-Tumbleweed Connection-1970
Manfred Mann-For You-Chance-1980 (with Trevor Rabin)
Yes-Our Song-90125-1983
Jon Anderson-Effortlessly-Survival & Other Stories-2011


Daryl Stuermer

The Canvas Prog Hour #325 Daryl Stuermer Interview (April, 2007)
"In Focus" Daryl Stuermer-Go-2007

Fro-Khaki Bell Bottomed Slacks-The Paisley Album-2002
Kino-Holding On-Picture-2005
Jazz Pistols-Tough Stuff-3 On The Floor-1996
4 Front-Special Patrol Group-Radio Waves Goodbye-2001
Daryl Stuermer-Striker-Go-2007

Toto-Falling In Between-Falling In Between-2006
The Fents-Four's A Crowd-First Offense-1983
Kevin Gilbert-The Way Back Home-The Shaming Of The True-2000
Jean Luc Ponty-The Struggle Of The Turtle To The Sea-Enigmatic Ocean-1977 (with Daryl Stuermer & Allan Holdsworth)
Daryl Stuermer-Breaking Point-Go-2007

Riverside-Stuck Between-Voices In My Head-2006
Slaughterhouse 3-Booty Duty-S3-2007 (with Gary Willis & Kirk Covington)
Neal Morse-Interlude....-Testimony-2003
Genesis-Dodo-Three Sides Live-1982 (with Daryl Stuermer & Chester Thompson)
Daryl Stuermer-Meltdown-Go-2007

Brand X-Smacks Of Euphoric Hysteria- Unorthodox Behaviour-1976 (with Phil Collins)
Spock's Beard-Walking On The Wind-Beware Of Darkness-1995
Billy Cobham-Ozone (Parts 1 & 2)-Drum N' Voice 2-2006 (with Jan Hammer & Jeff Berlin)
Porcupine Tree-Shallow-Deadwing-2005
Daryl Stuermer-The Archer-Go-2007


Roger Powell

The Canvas Prog Hour #312 Roger Powell Interview ( January 2007 )
"In Focus"-Roger Powell-Fossil Poets-2006

Journey-Destiny-Dream After Dream-1980
Jing Chi-In My Dreams-Jing Chi-2001
Utopia-Overture:Mountaintop & Sunrise/Communion With The Sun-RA-1977
Roger Powell-Lone Gunmen-Fossil Poets-2006

Kino-Telling Me To Tell You-Picture-2005
Alex Machacek-Indian Girl (Meets Austrian Boy)-[Sic]-2006 (with Terry Bozzio)
Todd Rundgren-Initiation-Initiation-1975 (with Roger Powell)
Roger Powell-Test Drive-Fossil Poets-2006
Roger Powell-Miles Per Gallon-Fossil Poets-2006

The Fents-Baxter Ward-First Offense-1983
Kansas-Miracles Out Of Nowhere-Leftoverture-1976
Kick The Cat-Walking On Hot Sand-2005
Utopia-Caravan-Adventures In Utopia-1980
Roger Powell-Creme Fraiche-Fossil Poets-2006

Spock's Beard-The Doorway-Beware Of Darkness-1995
Utopia-The Road To Utopia-Adventures In Utopia-1980
Roger Powell-Too Much Rain-Fossil Poets-2006
Roger Powell-Osmosis-Fossil Poets-2006